Sanctum provides a unique mental healthcare service developed to meet the needs of today’s HNW/UHNWi’s and their multi-generational families.  


We have devised a service that delivers ultra-personalised, ultra-discreet care plans for those people that cannot or do not wish to access traditional, multi occupancy private clinics.

The service is purposefully designed to provide a unique treatment experience that delivers a comprehensive range of assessments, treatment and aftercare programmes for most mental health and addictions.

We offer a sanctuary away from the prying eyes of the media, business pressures and other environmental stresses. We treat only one client either at one of our luxury private accomodations in Cheshire or in their own home. 

Our carefully selected multi-disciplinary team of experts understand the unique set of circumstances that our clients face. Whether the catalyst for adverse mental health is  a life event, social stressors, sudden wealth, bereavement or divorce we will competently navigate each client through the complex and sometimes dysfunctional dynamics that wealth, fame and power can elicit.

Our ethos is built on four pillars


1. Care

We lead with care, working from the heart

2. Confidentiality

We build trust, and keep you protected 

3. Compassion

We meet your needs without judgement

4. Continuity

We ensure you have a programme designed for life 

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Our 360º approach.

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