Fees and Payment Options

At Sanctum Healthcare, our fees are designed to match the quality of expert clinical care and dedicated patient support services we offer. We understand that each individual’s needs are unique and affordable payments solutions are available.

Sanctum offers flexible payment plans through our partners Stripe and Payl8r to ensure our services are accessibility to all.

  • Adult
  • Child (12-18)
Assessment AdultChild (12-18)
Number of Appointments22
Multidisciplinary Approach
NICE Guidance StandardsExceedsExceeds
Cognitive Testing
ASD Based Academic Feedback
Diagnostic Interview
Extensive ADHD Screening
OCD Screening
Mood Assessment
Camouflaging Symptoms Assessment
Internal Somatic Signals Assessment
Perfectionist Traits
Empathy Assessment
Repetitive Behaviours Assessment
ClinicianConsultant PsychiatristConsultant Psychiatrist
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About Our Assessments

Our assessments are a holistic process that incorporates information gathering, objective testing, validated questionnaire tools, clinical diagnosis, detailed feedback, and includes a robust report and recommendations for next steps. 

You may require an onward referral to coaching and lifestyle advice, therapy options, and careful consideration of medication, if suitable.

Please note that the cost of any treatment plan, referral or additional screening is not inclusive to any consultation or assessment cost. Any medications required will incur a further and separate cost. This is an important factor to consider along with the assessment and treatment plan fee.

Our assessments are led by expert clinicians and follow established diagnostic methods surpass NICE guidance used in the NHS. An assessment for diagnosis with Sanctum Healthcare is accepted world wide. 

Important Notice

An assessment for diagnosis does not guarantee a positive diagnosis of ADHD or ASD

It is always advised to consult your GP before proceeding with any of our services, to check for any local restrictions or waiting lists for Shared Care Agreements that could potentially obstruct obtaining NHS prescriptions.

To secure your appointment, full payment or agreed payment terms are required at the time of booking. 

Our friendly team is here to assist you every step of the way. Please call 0161 768 7634 or through the web link, or email link provided in your enquiry email.

Our services are often covered by major health insurers. Before booking, it’s recommended that you confirm with your insurer and follow their pre-authorisation policy. Typically, you’ll make an initial payment and then seek reimbursement from your insurers. 

If medication is prescribed as part of your treatment plan,  medication costs are separate.  Our subscription prescription service is chargeable. 

For cancellations, kindly notify us as soon as possible. Cancellations made may result in charges. Please refer to our full terms and conditions of service. 

You may be required to pay a rebooking fee to reschedule an appointment. 


Step 1

Speak to our dedicated team of staff who will help you navigate your enquiry. 

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Step 2

Complete our free ADHD Screening tool which will give you a probability score

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Step 3

If you are still unsure, feel free to arrange a 10 min call with our medical director

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