At Sanctum we work from the heart

Our intention is to positively change the way in which treatment is accessed and recovery is achieved and maintained. We promote a single treatment episode and experience. Our primary driver is to help our client achieve great happiness, optimal health and longevity.

Why sanctum?

Private healthcare, completely re-engineered and focused entirely on you.

A healthcare disrupter

Our intention is to positively change the way in which treatment is accessed and recovery is achieved and maintained. We promote a single treatment episode and experience. We believe that repeat business is bad business.

We Care

At Sanctum we work from the heart. Our primary driver is to help our client achieve great happiness, optimal health and longevity. We help our clients achieve their sense of purpose.

Holistic 360 approach

We can perform an impressive myriad of physical health, functional, neurological and physiological assessments, screening and diagnostics; an all-encompassing service that leaves no stone unturned.


‘We do not compete’. Our aim is to work closely with leading healthcare providers and researchers to continually employ the most effective strategies for treating addictions and mental health.

Data and analytics

Our key decisions are data driven and seek to leverage data whenever and wherever possible to enhance a care plans and treatment efficiency and effectiveness. These inform our clinical KPIs and outcomes.


By embracing the latest ‘evidence based’ technologies to collect data we can achieve much greater knowledge of our client’s presentations thus enable a greater level of personalised treatment.

DNA & Genetics

Each person’s DNA is unique, displaying their own distinctive set of characteristics and cultural markers. Applying the latest genomics science to enable a proactive approach to a client’s health.


Our assessments cover over 50 areas of mental, physical, psychological, physiological and neurological health. Our assessment programme  is the most thorough programme available today.

Our Team

We have a handpicked multi-disciplinary team (MDT) of professionals. Each one possessing a speciality that creates a unique experience for the client.


We understand the need to move quickly to deliver emergency intervention services. All inbound enquiries are responded to in person (via telephone) within 2 hours of being received.

Best practice

Sanctum Healthcare Ltd is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and adheres to moral, ethical codes of conduct. We aim to deliver clinical excellence around regulated activities.


We understand our clients have busy schedules and require an efficient service. We achieve this through utilising technology to manage care plans in an effective and efficient manner.

Personalised approach

Working with one client at a time we provide a tailored approach to treatment and care. This approach means our team is not time constrained and give their undivided attention.

Quantifiable outcomes

A critical aspect of what makes Sanctum different is our ability to provide key performance indictors and accurate outcome measures. We provide real time and genuine treatment outcome measures.


We engage you in a thorough and comprehensive initial assessment programme.

Our medical assessments are conducted by leading physicians in the field. Following an initial medical screening by our private GP we will identify and activate further investigations. We will enlist the support of the team of consultant physicians where required in the fields of sleep, neurology, cardiology, gastroenterology (liver), endocrinology and radiology.

  • Medical
  • Psychiatric
  • Psychological
  • Functional
  • Bioregulatory
  • Physiological
  • Dietetic
  • Recovery
  • Nursing
  • Coaching
  • Spiritual
  • Physical

Healthy Minds, Healthy Times

We have a multi disciplinary team of leading clinicians and experts in mental health, performance and resilience to guide the ongoing development of our world class service offering.

The Pinnacle Of Discretion

Professionalism and discretion are at the heart of everything we do. We build trust, and keep you protected.

We offer a sanctuary away from the prying eyes of the media, business pressures and other environmental stresses. We treat our client at one of our luxury private accommodations in Cheshire or in their own home.

100% Attention To You

Our ultra personalised approach has been designed to provide a ‘one time’, one client at a time, treatment experience. Our aim is simply to bring positive and lasting changes on an emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual level.

Comprehensive, Personalised, Precise

Our sophisticated service is unparalleled setting us apart from traditional healthcare providers. We are changing the course of how treatment is delivered and sustainable recovery is maintained.

We work with one client at a time providing the scope, space and flexibility to truly focus on your specific needs.


Meet your specialist team

Our team of renowned psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and doctors are dedicated to health and wellbeing. We have a long history of providing unparalleled and expert-driven private addiction and mental health treatment to clients who strive for a service that delivers par excellence.

Dr Asad Raffi

Dr Asad Raffi

Medical Director & Lead Consultant Psychiatrist

Founder of Sanctum Healthcare Dr Raffi is pioneering the change in how mental healthcare and addiction is being treating using the latest advancements in clinical evidence, genetics and technology. With over 20 years as a psychiatrist Dr Raffi bring a plethora of experience from the NHS and private sector.


We provide a safe space for our clients during their time with Sanctum, offering several therapeutic modalities to meet the specific needs of the client. Whether it’s an addiction or an emotional trauma, clients will receive exceptional person-centred care.

Recovery Manager

Our compassionate and client facing recovery manager provides 24/7 live-in case management and chaperone services. We work with clients in the community following residential treatment and provide sustainable strategies alongside the rest of the Sanctum team. .

Exercise & Sports Physiologist

We undertake high level physiological assessments to improve individual health, fitness and human performance. Our expertise is integrating the latest technology in the lab and field to assess health and fitness, combining evidence based research with pioneering interventions to enhance individual performance.

Breathwork & Mindfulness Instructor

Through structured breath and meditation work, we work with clients on an individual basis to design a practice which works for both their fitness and mindfulness goals; bringing a person-centred and holistic approach to their physical and mental wellbeing.

Sports Psychologist

With a focus centred on how psychology influences sport and how it can improve performance, our Sports Psychologist helps our clients navigate the complexities of career termination, injury, performance and achieve their long term goals.

Head of Quality & Compliance /CQC Registered Manager

The primary focus of our Head of Quality & Compliance /CQC Registered Manager is to ensure Sanctum maintain regulatory best practice and operate within the CQC guidelines.

Private GP

This prompt, personal and confidential service is not rushed and is available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. With up to date evidence based medicine but old school caring family doctor values.

Principal Dietician

Our principle dietician leads our pioneering "food is medicine" approach at Sanctum, embracing both orthodox and functional medicine to bring an unparalleled, holistic treatment to clients that nourishes and optimises health and performance.

Sanctum Chef

Working closely with the nutritionist and physical performance team, we design tailored dining experiences uniquely crafted to meet the macro and micro nutrient needs and requirements of each client.

A WORD from our medical director

“The days of one size fits all rehabilitation model for mental health and addiction has come to an end, this maybe a bold statement however through my own learning and successes I truly believe each client needs to be treated as an individual, and the care plan must reflect this. We don’t just apply a sticking plaster over the wound, we address the root cause of the issue too.”

Dr A Raffi, BSc MBChB MRCPsych PGDip

Medical Director & Lead Consultant Psychiatrist

Medical director}


Where We Treat

Our clinics are based in Cheshire and London but we are available nationwide. We treat our clients at one of our luxury private accommodations in Cheshire, in their own home, or at our clinics if residential treatment is not required. Whichever you choose, our discretion, privacy, and professionalism is assured.

At Home

We can create a ‘hospital at home’ at your own address.

Sanctum Residences

Our private and luxurious residences will serve as a home from home during your treatment.

In Clinic

We treat at our clinics if residential treatment is not required.