A healthcare disrupter.  Our intention is to positively change the way in which treatment is accessed and recovery is achieved and maintained. We promote a single treatment episode and experience. 


We Care.  At Sanctum we work from the heart. Our primary driver is to help our client achieve great happiness, optimal health and longevity. 


Holistic 360 approach.  Sanctum was designed to provide an all-encompassing service that leaves no stone unturned. Through developing integrated collaboration partnerships with innovators in healthcare we can perform an impressive myriad of physical health, functional, neurological and physiological assessments, screens and diagnostics.


Collaboration.  ‘We do not compete’. Our aim is to work closely with leading healthcare providers and researchers to continually employ the most effective strategies for treating addictions and mental health. 


Data and analytics.  One of the key are data driven and seek to leverage data whenever and wherever possible to enhance a care plans and treatment efficiency and effectiveness. 


Technology.  By embracing the latest ‘evidence based’ technologies to collect data we can achieve much greater knowledge of our client’s presentations thus enable a greater level or personalised treatment. For example: Generating biofeedback using heart rate variability (HRV) Monitor to track a client’s stress levels during clinical sessions or physical exercise. 


DNA & Genetics.  Each person’s DNA is unique, displaying their own distinctive set of characteristics and cultural markers. Applying the latest genomics science to enable a proactive approach to a client’s health. 


Assessments.  Our assessments cover over 50 areas of mental, physical, psychological, physiological and neurological health. We are confident that our assessment programme that is formed of one to one intervention’s, DNA, pathology, physical health screening, diagnostics and scanning is the most thorough programme available today. 

Our Team.  We have a handpicked multi-disciplinary team (MDT) of professionals.  Each one possessing a speciality that creates a unique experience for the client. 


Responsive.  Given the nature of mental health and addiction at time we need to move quickly to deliver emergency intervention services.  All inbound enquiries are responded to in person (via telephone) within 2 hours of it being received. Where possible and when safe to do so we can activate a care team on the same day. Usually admissions are provided within 48 to 72 hours. 


Best practice.  Sanctum Healthcare Ltd is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and adheres to moral, ethical codes of conduct. We aim to deliver clinical excellence around regulated activities in line with NICE guidelines and evidence based practices. Through adopting these practices, we can safeguard the highest standard of care. 


Efficient.  With a global clientele we understanding our clients have busy schedules, family commitments and businesses and require an efficient service. We achieve this through utilising technology to manage care plans in an effective and efficient manner. 


Personalised approach.  Working with one client at a time we provide a tailored approach to treatment and care. This approach means our team is not time constrained and give their undivided attention.


Quantifiable outcome measures.  A critical aspect of what makes Sanctum difference is our ability to provide our clients with key performance indictors and accurate outcome measures. Through adopting such advances in biofeedback, QEEG brain mapping and sobriety management we buck the trend by providing real time and genuine treatment outcome measures.