Gambling is a difficult addiction to overcome, but we offer a holistic 360 approach to the treatment and recovery of each client on a one to one basis. We tailor-make each programme based on your unique set of needs. To achieve this, we only ever treat one client at a time.

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Gambling Addiction Treatment

Gambling addiction, also called compulsive gambling or gambling disorder, is the uncontrollable urge to keep gambling despite the toll it takes on your life. Like any addiction, people can lose control of their gambling behaviour. The need to feel ‘high’ can lead them to gamble more money than they want to or can afford to. This process can result in destroyed relationships, grave financial loss and difficult feelings such as shame, guilt or despair.

Symptoms Of A Gambling Addiction:

Gambling stimulates the brain’s reward system and releases dopamine in a very similar manner to drugs or alcohol. It is a progressive addiction, meaning the user will develop a tolerance and continually need more and more to get a ‘fix’ which means needing to take bigger risks and receive greater wins.

Gambling addiction can lead to symptoms of withdrawal when separated from the thrill, much like an individual with a substance abuse dependency struggles when separated from their drug of choice.

  • Finding yourself preoccupied with gambling, constantly planning when and how to gamble and fantasising about gambling
  • The urge to continually increase the amount of money you gamble to experience a high
  • Feeling anxious, irritable, or losing sleep when you try to stop gambling
  • Gambling to escape difficult emotions such as guilt, anxiety or stress
  • Gambling in secret or minimising the extent of your gambling to loved ones

Confidential Assessments

Confidential assessments for all addictions and mental health conditions at Sanctum by video call or over the phone. Simply call us on <0161 302 0577/0333 772 2245 or make an enquiry.

Why Choose Sanctum For Gambling Addiction Recovery?

Deciding to go to a rehab or clinic for gambling addiction is never an easy decision. At Sanctum, our gambling addiction treatment programme is built upon our pillars of harm-reduction, addressing psychological and physical imbalances and providing you with the specific psychotherapeutic treatment you need.

We believe that working with individuals in an effective, non-judgemental manner in surroundings where they feel comfortable is key for successful treatment.



Our carefully selected multi-disciplinary team of experts understand the unique set of circumstances that our clients face.

Our discreet, expert professionals provide our clients with a wealth of clinical services from psychiatry and psychology to nutritional assessments, personal training, and 24 hour nursing care.

Continuity is a key part of what we do: we ensure you have a programme designed for life.



Our ultra-personalised approach ensures 100% attention on you. We work with one client at a time providing the scope, space, and flexibility to truly focus on your specific needs.

We understand that there is often a trauma that underpins a dependence and that addiction often functions as a coping mechanism to handle pain, fear or stress. Whether the catalyst for adverse mental health is a life event, social stressors, sudden wealth, bereavement or divorce, we will competently navigate each client through the complex and sometimes dysfunctional dynamics that wealth, fame and power can elicit.



All too often we hear of doctors employing a “one size fits all approach”: hypothesising what the problem is and trialling numerous different methods of treatment, often without success. At Sanctum we do things differently. We use an evidence-based approach founded on data, which ensures precision from the very beginning.

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We can provide you with the tools needed to manage the symptoms and overcome the underlying root-causes. We treat dependency to all medication types.

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The Sanctum Blueprint 360º

We provide residential assessments that deliver the most comprehensive service available globally. Our team of experts will gain a complete understanding of your genetic, physical, neurological and mental health profile, to provide you with an accurate evaluation of your complete health. We know that no two clients are the same and aim to always provide a unique experience that focusses entirely on you.

We champion prevention, optimisation and longevity – taking you from good to great.

Data, Analytics, and Testing

Data and analytics:  Our key decisions are data driven and seek to leverage data whenever and wherever possible to enhance a care plans and treatment efficiency and effectiveness.

Technology:  By embracing the latest ‘evidence based’ technologies to collect data we can achieve much greater knowledge of our client’s presentations thus enable a greater level or personalised treatment.

DNA & Genetics:  Each person’s DNA is unique, displaying their own distinctive set of characteristics and cultural markers. Applying the latest genomics science to enable a proactive approach to a client’s health.

A complete holistic approach

Assessments:  Our assessments cover over 50 areas of mental, physical, psychological, physiological and neurological health. We are confident that our assessment programme that is formed of one to one intervention’s, DNA, pathology, physical health screening, diagnostics and scanning is the most thorough programme available today.

Our Team:  We have a handpicked multi-disciplinary team (MDT) of professionals.  Each one possessing a speciality that creates a unique experience for the client.

Best practice:  Sanctum Healthcare Ltd is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and adheres to moral, ethical codes of conduct. We aim to deliver clinical excellence around regulated activities in line with NICE guidelines and evidence based practices. Through adopting these practices, we can safeguard the highest standard of care.

Agile and bespoke

Responsive:  Given the nature of mental health and addiction at times we need to move quickly to deliver emergency intervention services.  All inbound enquiries are responded to in person (via telephone) within 2 hours of it being received. Where possible and when safe to do so we can activate a care team on the same day. Usually admissions are provided within 48 to 72 hours.

Efficient:  With a global clientele we understanding our clients have busy schedules, family commitments and businesses and require an efficient service. We achieve this through utilising technology to manage care plans in an effective and efficient manner.

Private healthcare focused entirely on you

Personalised approach:  Working with one client at a time we provide a tailored approach to treatment and care. This approach means our team is not time constrained and give their undivided attention.


Quantifiable outcome measures:  A critical aspect of what makes Sanctum difference is our ability to provide our clients with key performance indictors and accurate outcome measures. Through adopting such advances in biofeedback and sobriety management we buck the trend by providing real time and genuine treatment outcome measures.


Where We Treat

Our clinics are based in Cheshire and London but we are available nationwide. We treat our clients at one of our luxury private accommodations in Cheshire, in their own home, or at our clinics if residential treatment is not required. Whichever you choose, our discretion, privacy, and professionalism is assured.

At Home

We can create a ‘hospital at home’ at your own address.

Sanctum Residences

Our private and luxurious residences will serve as a home from home during your treatment.

In Clinic

We treat at our clinics if residential treatment is not required.