Residential treatment 

Treatment at Sanctum starts with a personal experience delivered in a discreet residential location or the comfort of a client’s own home.


By applying the latest evidence-based developments in healthcare technology and DNA analysis we can inform the programme to a level of personalisation that is changing how treatment is delivered and recovery is achieved. This coupled with input from our expert team we have created a unparalleled treatment experience.


By taking a radically different 360-degree approach to total wellness we can treat each client independently with their own appropriately selected team of world class experts in mental health, addiction and trauma. Each care plan is uniquely crafted meeting the immediate needs of each client and where clinically indicated will include medical detoxification and stabilisation. 


At Sanctum we believe our clients deserve a complete mind, body and spirit recalibration that can only be achieved through assessing and treating the whole system.


Our ethos is simply to provide a single treatment episode and experience. 


Our residential programmes are fully customised and priced between £15,000 to £25,000 per week



Aftercare is a natural continuum of care that dovetails into the residential programme. The planning of a client’s return home is essential and is in planning during the early stages of their treatment. 

Each aftercare plan is designed to support long term sustainable recovery by providing ongoing access to the clients clinical and therapeutic team. The solution focussed plan ensures a smooth transition back into family, business, travel, lifestyle and society. This can include staff at a client’s home and providing a continuum of nursing or recovery care 24/7.

The individual components of the aftercare plan are programmed with the client and their clinical team to ensure the correct frequency, team and range is achieved. This can include physical training, holistic practices, private chef, sobriety management and recovery, business and lifestyle coaching. 

Aftercare is delivered as a principal component of a residential treatment programme; at Sanctum we feel it is one of the most fundamental aspect of the recovery process. 

Our international aftercare programmes are generally delivered over a 12 week period and range between £6000 to £12,000 per week.

Recovery Assured

Our approach to long term sustainable recovery is achieved through a Recovery Assured programme. Typically, this is delivered over a 12 month period providing a light touch yet comprehensive plan that supports clients during their first year of recovery.


Clients have continued access to their team and will benefit from therapeutic activities and ongoing engagement with their therapist, consultant and doctors. Sanctum can manage ongoing medication and private prescriptions and deliver clinical interventions where necessary. In addition, clients receive a personalised Recovery Programme led by a trained recovery coach.


This level of consistent interaction provides a platform for healing, growth and optimised health. 

Each 12 month Recovery Assured programme is uniquely crafted and range between £2000 to £4000 per month.


SoberGuard – Sobriety Management

Sanctum provide via our SoberGuard programme a smart phone linked alcohol monitoring service. This innovative, app based police grade breathalyser helps build trust and accountability with loved ones and key stakeholders. Through facial recognition a client will share a video verified record of their sobriety directly through their smartphone providing a time, date and location stamped result. 
Sanctum manage the IT systems and management of the device and can create a scheduled, random or on demand testing plan which can be requested via text message as often as necessary to keep people safe and sober. 

Our SoberGuard breathalyser can be bought as a standalone service or configured as a SoberGuard+ programme to include aftercare services* as part of an ongoing recovery plan.

SoberGuard £500 per month (minimum 6 month contract) 

SoberGuard+ £POA

*Example: Recovery programme, 1-2-1 Recovery coaching, Relapse prevention, Psychology, Psychiatry, Medication Management.

Healing Trauma Workshop

Because the latest progress in the field of therapy has identified adverse childhood experiences as a key factor in a whole range of emotional and psychological issues in adults, we have incorporated a trauma reduction workshop into our treatment model.

This can be delivered as an in-patient, in a continued recovery environment or as a stand-alone workshop.

Dealing with adverse childhood experiences can be therapeutic in the treatment of addiction, mood disorders, anxiety and relationship challenges. Management of such traumas can be a significant prevention of relapse in all aspects of recovery.

Participants will be taken through a three-day programme of education, debriefing and experiential, to “turn down the volume” on day to day adverse reactions and enable the person to become more mature relationally. 

This programme is available as a remote workshop delivered online or as a retreat package that is inclusive of accommodation, private chef and additional therapeutic activities. 

HTW Online £6000 

HTW Retreat £POA


Family Unite

Whenever there is an emotional, psychological and or physical issue with a person, there can be a corresponding family of origin difficulty. Communication gets damaged and families become fragmented. 

At Sanctum we believe that work with families is significantly life enhancing and therapeutic for the individual and their loved ones. Each family has a unique set of issues and Sanctum therefore create a programme for each family’s particular needs

We offer a three-day retreat to explore difficulties, identify blocks and work with the nuclear family to re-establish communication, give voice to fear and trauma and heal wounds. 

Participants learn techniques for listening, giving feedback, appropriate boundaries and compassion for each other. 

This programme is available as a remote workshop delivered online or as a retreat package that is inclusive of accommodation, private chef and additional therapeutic activities. 

Family Unite online £6000 

Family Unite retreat £POA