“Sanctum helped my brother recover from a 25 year history of alcohol and drug misuse. I now feel like I finally have my brother “back”. It seems to me that Sanctum succeeded where other treatment centres had failed. At times this journey felt overwhelmingly challenging, but Sanctum were always on hand to advise and reassure.”


“Sanctum have shown me the way to living a great life. I’m MATCH FIT every single day. I feel amazing.”


“What I found with the Sanctum team was a totally bespoke service. They have been flexible, patient, firm and holistic. They created a residential treatment option for my husband that was private and comfortable. They quite literally took him off my hands, took care of him and started to enable him to re-connect with himself –  which is exactly what he needed.”


“Whatever the challenge has been, Sanctum has been able to work with it to find a fitting way forward. Their expert team, knows how to handle these situations and over time, not immediately, can turn the ship. They have also got to know our children and have recommended a holistic approach for the whole family to benefit from and engage with. They have also linked in with the NHS along the way, as required, making the full team as robust as it could be. I didn’t expect to meet health practitioners with wise words of wisdom and inspirational ways of living to accompany the vigorous medical investigations, but this is what we have found and these are the people whom the Sanctum team is comprised of.”


“The support and care offered by the Sanctum Team has been the beginning and central to my recovery and ability to move forward with my life.”


“Most facilities available tend to be fairly cookie cutter in their approach. However, the thing that really set Sanctum apart for me was the way in which everything was approached. With care and understanding.”


“Firstly, I felt that people around me genuinely cared about whether I got better and how best to help me and my family, secondly the aftercare was, has been, and still is excellent. Everything was out in place immediately with no delays. I know I could still pick up the phone to any of the team if I had concerns, needed to chat or was struggling. A truly tailored and unique program.”


“My whole experience has been life changing. For the first time ever, I understand myself better, have clarity and most importantly well-being, Sanctum not just a service, it’s a vocation, their passion to help people’s recovery is clear to see”


“When I met the people from Sanctum, I immediately felt reassured; I knew I was in safe hands. With the one on one live-in care, private apartment and all the amazing staff, I quickly turned a corner. Within a matter of weeks, I felt I was getting my life back on track. I have found myself again, thanks to the expertise and compassion that Sanctum provides.”