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At Sanctum Healthcare, our Autism Assessment Service is meticulously designed to understand the unique individual behind the diagnosis. We delve into the nuances of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) using a comprehensive, three-stage process, aligned with the DSM V Criteria for ASD. Our aim is to recognize and appreciate the diversity of your experiences and characteristics.

Comprehensive, Compassionate, and Customized

Our specialist ASD Clinics- Understanding You Beyond the Diagnosis

Our diagnostic team all have specialist experience of assessing and supporting individuals with ASD and our service far surpasses the speed and level of care that you will find elsewhere. This is a specialist psychiatry led service delivered face to face or online.

All clients will receive the discreet, comprehensive, and personalised service that Sanctum is known for. Our service is unmatched: we will provide a rapid access, comprehensive approach to assessment. We will provide a very clear pathway for assessment. Our live booking tool lets you arrange an assessment at your convenience.

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Our Process

Assessment of ASD

Our Process

Our Three-Stage Assessment Process

Stage 1: Comprehensive Assessments and Questionnaires

Begin your journey with a series of detailed assessments and questionnaires. This stage is crucial in gathering diverse pieces of information about your experiences, traits, and behaviours.

Stage 2: Personalized Interaction

An online consultation  with our experienced clinician. This interaction focuses on understanding your personal narrative in depth.

Stage 3: Expert Review

Conclude with a thorough review by our specialized psychiatrist. This final stage integrates all gathered information for a holistic understanding of your profile.


At Sanctum Healthcare, our commitment to understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is both rigorous and in-depth. Our approach delves deep into the multifaceted nature of autism, aiming to uncover not just the observable traits, but also the underlying complexities that define each individual’s experience. We employ a comprehensive array of assessments and evaluations, considering up to 17 independent pieces of evidence before making a diagnosis. This meticulous process, aligned with the DSM V Criteria for ASD, ensures a thorough and nuanced understanding of each individual’s unique profile, including their cognitive, emotional, and behavioral patterns. Our focus extends beyond mere diagnosis; we strive to understand the full spectrum of each individual’s experiences, challenges, and strengths. This depth of understanding is crucial in tailoring effective management strategies and providing the most supportive and empowering care possible.


Personalized Report Based on DSM V-TR Criteria

Following the assessment, you will receive a detailed report adhering to the DSM V-TR criteria. This report is not just a diagnosis; it’s a gateway to understanding your unique profile and needs.

Recommendations for adjustments

Providing a supporting letter with recommendations for reasonable adjustments as defined by the Equality Act 2010. Both academic and workplace adjustment letters provided. 

Sleep optimisation

Tracking sleep quality and quantity and utilising this data to optimise sleep using behavioural, environmental and pharmacological methods.

Stress management

The interplay between stress, and autism underscores the need for tailored approaches to support individuals with ASD.  This can involve behavioural interventions, environmental modifications and sometimes medication.

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