precise treatment

We work with you to develop your long term outcome measures and understand the roadmap to success, with defined key performance indicators along the way.

Data Driven Health assessment and treatment - We can’t treat what we can’t measure

We benchmark every element of your assessment utilising validated and research backed assessment tools, objective computerised testing protocols, physiological markers and physical health investigations. We work with you to develop your longer term outcome measures and understand the roadmap to success, with defined key performance indicators along the way.


Sanctum has re-engineered the way in which people can access private health care. We offer a discreet and personalised approach to helping people recover from adverse mental and behavioural health. Our sophisticated service is unparalleled in the UK and sets us apart from traditional healthcare providers. Working with one client at a time provides us the flexibility to truly focus on the specific needs of each client. 


Each client will spend time with our highly acclaimed team of clinical psychologists and therapists  to provide you with the space you require to open your heart and mind to a compassionate process of assessment.

Depending on your needs, each assessment will be tailored to reach a suitable formulation regarding your psychological and emotional mental health and cognitive functioning.


Our specialists are experts in:

  • Behavioural addictions
  • Adverse childhood experiences
  • Transition
  • Performance
  • Attention and concentration
  • Sudden wealth
  • Psychological and physical dependence
  • Bereavement
  • Trauma
  • Divorce or separation
  • Loss of purpose
  • Personality based difficulties
  • Volatility in mood 

DNA & Genomic Testing

We have at our disposal the widest variety of DNA and genetic tests globally.  

We provide precision diagnostics and reports on every aspect of a client’s physiological, nutritional, performance and psychological genetic profile. This enables us to modify and optimise environmental stressors and situational factors. 


We determine liability towards:


  • Understand your risk towards addictive behaviour or non-substance behaviours
  • Neurotransmitter imbalance
  • Side effects of psychiatric medication
  • Genetic predisposition to metabolism- informs how much or little medication you need
  • Developing Alzheimers Dementia
  • Susceptibility to systemic imbalances and chronic health conditions
  • Key genes and variants involved in regulating Phase I, II and III liver detoxification pathways
  • How your genes impact your response to food, your microbiome diversity, nutrient need, metabolism, appetite (leptin), inflammation and circadian clocks and blood pressure.
  • How your genes influence your health and fitness

Functional medicine

Functional medicine describes the practice of preventing and treating disease by providing the brain and body with optimal amounts of substances which are natural to the body, i.e. amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, macronutrients, as well as other naturally occurring metabolically active substances. For our body and brain to function properly, we require optimal amounts of such substances. With our modern lifestyle, from eating habits to stress or lack of physical activity and due to food intolerances, the bio-chemistry shows significant imbalances and deficits. These can be identified by comprehensive laboratory tests, and then can be restored.

Personal Chef

We have our own in-house chefs, who create and prepare personalised macronutrient-controlled meals as guided by the comprehensive nutritional assessment. Each meal is designed and prepared with the individual in mind. It is made bespoke to their requirements, in their home. We will create a customised menu plan based on our client’s dietary needs, likes and dislikes. On the cooking day/days we will procure the highest quality ingredients before cooking for the client.

Fitness & Performance

Working with our highly skilled physiology technical team to perform a range of different physiological assessments and using gold standard tests to measure physical and aerobic fitness through advanced technologies, our aim is to gain a deep insight into how your body functions. We are able to remotely monitor:

  • Continuous Blood glucose monitoring so we can advise you on what to eat and when to eat to optimise physical and mental performance. 
  • Heart Rate Variability and Resting Heart Rate- we understand how stressed you are and how this may contribute to a deterioration in your health.
  • Sleep quality and quantity.

Technology and Innovation

Our research and development team are constantly evaluating the latest innovations in healthcare diagnostics – looking at their effectiveness to further enhance our already world-class offering. Importantly, all our services are scientifically evidenced and tested prior to implementation.


By taking a radically different 360-degree approach to total wellness we can treat each client independently with their own appropriately selected team of world class experts in mental health, addiction and trauma. Each care plan is uniquely crafted meeting the immediate needs of each client and where clinically indicated will include medical detoxification and stabilisation. Once the detoxification is complete, we will consider options to support longer term sobriety and craving management. 

We can inform the programme to a level of personalisation that is changing how treatment is delivered and recovery is achieved. This coupled with input from our expert team we have created an unparalleled treatment experience. At Sanctum we believe our clients deserve a complete mind, body and spirit recalibration that can only be achieved through assessing and treating the whole system.

Precision Prescribing

We want you to make fully informed choices about your treatment needs and when prescribing we firmly believe that less is more. We aim to identify the most appropriate medication by understanding your genetic predisposition to side effects and metabolism, so we know which medications to avoid and how much to give you. We will prescribe the minimum amount of medication required to deliver the best results. Medication is not the only solution and we firmly believe in a 360 degree approach to treatment involving all the experts in our team. 

We will formulate your needs psychologically and deliver the most appropriate psychological therapy that is required. We will ensure that you have developed a therapeutic relationship with your therapist who will support you throughout. Continuity of care is key. 

We will identify and correct any underlying medical issues linked to your psychological difficulties and provide nutritional supplementation based in expert dietetic guidance. We firmly believe that food is medicine and supporting your nutritional needs is key to success. 

Our ethos is simply to provide a single treatment episode and experience. 

Spiritual Exploration

The term ‘spiritual exploration’ covers a variety of topics and a broad range of options for clients to consider. Predominately, the purpose of all exploratory work is to help clients find a compassionate connection with themselves and discover a renewed sense of purpose.


Throughout the treatment process each client is on a personal journey of self-discovery. Through actively encouraging open mindedness and honest reflection we provide a safe space to evaluate different options for spiritual development and growth.


We guide our clients through focussed education, workshops and active participation in self-help services such as 12 Step groups, Smart Recovery and  Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). We will also guide families through the process. 


Discovering a new way of life that will support positive change and connection with others is vitally important. Through blending therapeutic interventions with other practices such as Yoga, meditation and breathwork will offer a broad spectrum of proven services that will compliment and support long term recovery and self-awareness.


Where We Treat

Our clinics are based in Cheshire and London but we are available nationwide. We treat our clients at one of our luxury private accommodations in Cheshire, in their own home, or at our clinics if residential treatment is not required. Whichever you choose, our discretion, privacy, and professionalism is assured.

At Home

We can create a ‘hospital at home’ at your own address.

Sanctum Residences

Our private and luxurious residences will serve as a home from home during your treatment.

In Clinic

We treat at our clinics if residential treatment is not required.


The Sanctum Blueprint 360º

We provide residential assessments that deliver the most comprehensive service available globally. Our team of experts will gain a complete understanding of your genetic, physical, neurological and mental health profile, to provide you with an accurate evaluation of your complete health. We know that no two clients are the same and aim to always provide a unique experience that focusses entirely on you.

We champion prevention, optimisation and longevity – taking you from good to great.