precise assessments

We deliver the world’s most comprehensive physical health and mental wellness assessment, diagnostic and screening programme, curated by a hand-picked team of professionals.

Comprehensive, Personalised, Precise

We pride ourselves on having created one of the most comprehensive approaches to the assessment and understanding of your mental health and addictive behaviours. We have re-engineered how mental health and addictive behaviours should be treated. We deliver the world’s most comprehensive physical health and mental wellness assessment, diagnostic and screening programme, curated by a hand-picked team of professionals.

We work with one client at a time so that we can give you unrivalled focus and 100% attention. This is our uber-personalised approach. 

We put you at the centre of the assessment process and empower you to be a partner in your care and to make informed decisions about your treatment programme. 

We don’t label or stigmatise, we want to understand why. We follow the mantra of the eminent Dr Gabor Mate asking the question:  

“not why the addiction, but why the pain. And the source of pain is always and invariably to be found in a person’s lived experience, beginning with childhood.”

Our trauma informed approach helps us understand why you face the difficulties you present with today. 

We are led by clinical need and not budget. We leave no stone unturned to understand and identify the underlying causes of the difficulties and challenges you face in your life.

We will deliver the assessment in one of our boutique properties away from the prying eyes of the media, business pressures and other environmental stresses. Alternatively, we will bring the hospital to your home. If residential assessment is not clinically warranted, we will invite you to complete your assessments within our Cheshire, Midlands or London based clinics. 

Our carefully selected multi-disciplinary team of experts understand the unique set of circumstances that our clients face. Whether the catalyst for adverse mental health is a life event, social stressor, sudden wealth, bereavement or divorce we will competently navigate each client through the complex and sometimes dysfunctional dynamics that wealth, fame and power can elicit.

One time only treatment experience

At Sanctum, repeat business is bad business. With respect, we don’t want repeat customers. We want to “get it right” first time around and ensure you no longer face that repeat cycle of relapsing and remitting illness.

One time only treatment experience

Our blank canvas approach to assessment

We don’t practice “lazy psychiatry”. We don’t make assumptions about you based upon what we have been advised or pre-empt what may be leading you to feel the way you feel. We create a blank canvas upon which we will curate a formulation of your needs and your treatment plan. We often find that we are challenging historical labelling and stigmatising diagnoses. We are not afraid to rewrite the script and send you home with less medications than you came to us with. By carefully reducing medication and assessing you at baseline, we can understand you fully, without the fog of psychotropic medications.

Our blank canvas approach to assessment


We will not commence an assessment without providing a comfortable, safe and effective detoxification from mood and mind altering substances. This will precede any assessment process where clinically indicated.


The Assessment Process

Our team of experts will include: 

Medical experts in General Practice, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Sleep, Endocrinology, Radiology, Concussion and Neurology. 

Mental Health expertise delivered by Consultant Psychiatrists, consultant psychologists in clinical and counselling psychology, sports psychology, psychotherapists, neuropsychologists and mental health nurses. 

Functional health and lifestyle medical experts including clinical dieticians, physiologists, fitness experts, breathwork specialists and our chef. 

Addiction expertise delivered by specialist consultant psychiatrists, recovery managers who are experts by experience and specialist nurses. 

You will be supported by an appropriately match member of the team, who will be available to you 24/7 in residence. 

We will undertake our assessments diligently and will not test for the sake of testing. Everything we do has a purpose and is backed by evidence and the latest research. By applying the latest developments in healthcare technology and DNA analysis we can accurately understand the root cause of the problem. We don’t believe in applying a quick fix or sticking plaster to your problems, we want to address the underlying foundations so that we have the best prognosis available.

Establish a therapeutic relationship, with focus and time given to you

We provide each client the time and attention they deserve to ensure we achieve a positive treatment outcome and experience. In advance of starting the assessment process the client will have the opportunity to meet and acquaint themselves with their personal team and develop a therapeutic relationship. The clinical team is time rich and can see the client as often as necessary to ensure they feel safe, informed and at ease.

  • Trauma screening
  • Physical health assessment
  • Personality screening
  • Coping mechanisms and resilience
  • Neurodevelopmental screening and assessment
  • DNA and genetic testing
  • Sleep assessment
  • Cognitive brain assessment
  • Functional assessment
  • Toxicology
  • Physiological assessment


Where We Treat

Our clinics are based in Cheshire and London but we are available nationwide. We treat our clients at one of our luxury private accommodations in Cheshire, in their own home, or at our clinics if residential treatment is not required. Whichever you choose, our discretion, privacy, and professionalism is assured.

At Home

We can create a ‘hospital at home’ at your own address.

Sanctum Residences

Our private and luxurious residences will serve as a home from home during your treatment.

In Clinic

We treat at our clinics if residential treatment is not required.


The Sanctum Blueprint 360º

We provide residential assessments that deliver the most comprehensive service available globally. Our team of experts will gain a complete understanding of your genetic, physical, neurological and mental health profile, to provide you with an accurate evaluation of your complete health. We know that no two clients are the same and aim to always provide a unique experience that focusses entirely on you.

We champion prevention, optimisation and longevity – taking you from good to great.