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Private ADHD Assessment for Adults, Teens & Kids in UK


Sanctum Healthcare, led by the esteemed Dr Asad Raffi, is at the forefront of ADHD assessment and treatment in the UK. With more than 20 years of experience, Dr Raffi is driving change in mental healthcare and addiction treatment, leveraging cutting-edge advancements in clinical evidence, genetics, and technology. This article delves into Sanctum Healthcare’s unique approach to ADHD assessment, as well as a comprehensive comparison of their services with other key players in the field.

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ADHD Assessment in UK

ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a neurodevelopmental disorder often diagnosed in childhood but can continue into adulthood. Traditional ADHD assessments primarily revolve around in-person consultations and a series of paper-pencil tests. Sanctum Healthcare, however, is championing a new way forward.

Innovative ADHD Assessment Methods

Sanctum’s private ADHD assessments offer a unique blend of traditional diagnostic approaches and advanced technology. They offer both in-person assessments in London and Manchester, as well as an online ADHD assessment platform, making their services accessible irrespective of geographic boundaries. The comprehensive adult and child ADHD assessment processes ensure meticulous attention to detail.

The service uses leading-edge tools for ADHD self-assessment as part of the evaluation process, making it a participatory and empowering experience for patients. In addition to the traditional symptom checklist, the self-assessment incorporates modern elements like behavioural tracking and attention tests.

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Comparing Sanctum Healthcare’s ADHD Assessment with Competitors

Sanctum Healthcare outshines its competition, with an approach that is patient-centric, personalised, and embracing technological advancements. Here’s a brief comparison of Sanctum’s ADHD assessment UK services with competitors:

Cost of ADHD Assessment

The private ADHD assessment cost can vary significantly among service providers. Sanctum Healthcare offers competitive pricing, making it a popular choice for both adult ADHD assessments and child ADHD assessments. They even offer some of the cheapest ADHD assessment services in the UK, without compromising the quality of service.

ADHD Assessment Near You

While several providers offer localised services, Sanctum Healthcare broadens its reach through its online ADHD assessment UK services. This makes the ADHD assessment process far more accessible to those in remote locations or those unable to travel.

ADHD and Autism Assessment

Many ADHD assessment providers do not offer combined ADHD and autism assessments. Sanctum Healthcare, however, recognizes the co-occurrence of these conditions and offers an integrated ADHD and Autism assessment for adults.

The Sanctum Healthcare Difference

Founded by Dr Raffi, Sanctum Healthcare aims to create a paradigm shift in how ADHD is assessed and treated. From the initial ADHD assessment for adults UK or children, to the subsequent care plan, Sanctum’s approach is rigorous, comprehensive and personalised. This approach is informed by clinical evidence, Dr Raffi’s vast experience, and an unwavering commitment to the patient’s wellbeing.


Personalized ADHD Assessment and Care

Dr Raffi’s profound understanding of the complexities and nuances of ADHD, derived from his extensive experience in both the NHS and the private sector, underpin the personalised approach to care at Sanctum Healthcare. Whether it’s an adult or child ADHD assessment, each patient’s unique needs and circumstances are taken into account, thereby ensuring the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.


Private ADHD Assessments for Adult and Child

Sanctum Healthcare understands that early and accurate diagnosis is crucial for managing ADHD effectively. They provide both private adult ADHD assessments and private child ADHD assessments. With the opportunity for a private ADHD assessment near me, no individual has to struggle in silence or face unnecessary barriers in their journey towards better mental health.


Online ADHD Assessment

Under the stewardship of Dr Raffi, Sanctum Healthcare is not just responding to the present needs of ADHD assessment but is also shaping the future of ADHD care. Their innovative use of genetics and technology in the diagnostic process, such as the online ADHD assessment, is pioneering a new way forward in ADHD care.

Whether you’re seeking an ADHD assessment for adults, for children, or even a self-assessment for ADHD, Sanctum Healthcare promises an exceptional level of service. Their comprehensive assessments and unwavering commitment to individualised care make them the ideal choice for anyone seeking an ADHD assessment in the UK. Their services are not limited by geographical boundaries, and they offer affordable and high-quality care, marking them as a trailblazer in the field of ADHD assessments and treatment.


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