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Mason Greenwood needs building up, not knocking down

Don't believe the hype or the negative headlines: Manchester United's Mason Greenwood might make mistakes, but he is a normal teenager with an extraordinary talent who needs a helping hand. By Andy Mitten

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Mason Greenwood has been training well, with a smile on his face, this week.

His performance levels are rising, though he was with Manchester United rather thanEngland and Edinson Cavani wasn’t around to continue his influence on United’syoung strikers. We’re told the Uruguayan has been immense at Carrington in thestandards he sets and having one of the world’s great goal machines there everyday could have a serious positive influence on United’s young guns.Ole GunnarSolskjaerhas the youngest squad in the Premier League and the signing ofCavani is as much cultural as technical or tactical. As for Cavani himself, there’s afeeling among those who work with him every day that he’ll deliver big time oncehe’s in his stride.

Greenwood? He’s had a tough time recently, some of which he can takeresponsibility for, including what went on in Iceland while away with England,and parts that are nothing to do with him. Would you like to be linked withserious allegations against you on social media, as Greenwood was last Friday,when they are completely without foundation? One of the flip sides of playing fora huge club is that you can become part of the rumour mill that grinds outendless nonsense. Greenwood’s name has been unfairly tarnished, but somecontext is needed.

It’s less than a year since Greenwood made his Premier League debut, but hequickly managed to do one of the hardest things in football: shift from being ayouth prodigy to someone delivering in the first team of one of the biggestfootball clubs in the world. He didn’t play four games and then go on loan to alower division club. He didn’t curse bad luck, get injuries or blame competition.And now he’s worn aManchester United shirt in 61 different competitive games.

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